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The most consistently accurate .22 cartridge on the market. Olympic standard, medal winning, premium quality cartridges used by experienced club shooters and internationals.


ELEY’s Match grade is an excellent competition cartridge and is a top choice among the largest body of competitive shooters. Match represents amazing value for money and with attributes of Tenex provides excellent accuracy. The Match product is also a good competition training round for the serious shooter who will use Tenex in a competition; Match is a natural progression as the cartridge features the same physical attributes of Tenex.


The new blue labeled “Team” product is an improved version of the Club ammunition using the same flat nose bullet as used for Tenex and Match. The introduction of Team will allow club shooters to use a quality of ammunition closer to that used by championship shooters, but at a much lower cost and therefore giving them the edge over what they are currently using with existing Club ammunition.


ELEY’s Club product is well established in the market and is used in all disciplines up to 50m range. It’s a popular cartridge of choice for the club shooter. With great accuracy Club has been a consistent winner in competitions. Club is also a good starting point for any shooters who are getting into shooting the Olympic disciplines of Prone and 3-P.

match pistol

Match Pistol has minimum recoil and sight disturbance and is much softer in the hand than ELEY's standard velocity offerings. Match Pistol has been specifically designed for free pistol use, featuring many of the attributes of Tenex Pistol, this cartridge will be accessible to a large section of the shooting community for pistols and semi automatic rifles.


A very affordable, good quality general purpose cartridge. ELEY Sport (previously branded as Standard and Target) is a good value entry level round. A great quality general purpose cartridge, the most accurate cartridge at this entry level on the market. Use Sport at the first step to precision shooting at ranges up to 50m. New to the sport of target shooting, then Sport is for you.